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AdBlue Contamination



Have you ever had a contaminated AdBlue tank?

It only takes 5ml of Diesel to 20 litres of AdBlue in the AdBlue tank to turn it into a harmful paste. A problem that is any vehicle owners worst nightmare. The first bit of advice that I can offer you is dont attempt to drive off the forecourt and call your breakdown company right away!

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In order to comply with new emission standards, the automotive industry has decided to introduce SCR technology to diesel powered vehicles. SCR stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction and simply put means that the catalytic convertor transforms harmful exhaust gases into naturally occurring substances.

Adblue Contamination Explained

Mis-fuelling any vehicle can have catastrophic effects on the SCR systems dosing unit and catalytic converter, which puts the truck into limp home mode which is not good for the driver or their bank balance. Even minimal damage means the replacement of the dosing unit, more extensive damage can result in the replacement of the SCR system.

As this problem is not officially covered under warranty, commercial vehicle operators could be left thousands of pounds out of pocket. Not a nice price to pay for a moments lapse of concentration.

Manufactures of the system designed a special magnetic nozzle that works in combination with the AdBlue spout filler, but at the moment filling stations are not legally obliged to offer this on the refuelling nozzle, so the chances of mis-fuelling your diesel tank are also possbile.

However, there are preventative products on the market that can help to stop you mis-fuelling your AdBlue fuelled vehicle and for a small investment you can save yourself a large repair bill and downtime of your vehicle.

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AdBlue Cap is a built-in mechanism which only opens when the AdBlue nozzle is inserted (manual fill or pumped), the Cap has been designed so that if you do try to put Diesel into the Cap and any Diesel is released, it will run off through the drain off holes and none can enter the AdBlue tank .Adblue Cap is made of the same polyoxymethylene (POM) materials as the rest of the SCR system, conforming to the same rigorous testing.

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